Zep UK appoints GM Marketing as distribution partner for Retail sector

Zep UK have appointed Belfast based distributor, GM Marketing, as distribution partner for the Zep UK Retail sector. Wednesday 6 October 2021 saw the successful appointment of GM Marketing as distribution partner for Zep UK’s growing Retail brand.

With hubs in Belfast and Leeds, GM Marketing is a brand-building distributor, servicing all major channels across the UK and Ireland.

The agreement between GM Marketing and Zep UK is for the distribution of the Zep UK Retail range and other Zep owned brands, such as the De-Solv-It range, within the Retail and Wholesale channels in both the UK and Ireland.

Our retail solutions offer a complete range of innovative, high efficiency products for virtually every surface, that get the job done right, first time. Growing our retail and wholesale divisions is paramount and we’re excited to partners with GM Marketing to utilise their expertise. We look forward to growing both Zep and De-Solv-It brands as well as capitalising on any additional opportunities in the marketplace

Adam Winston

Zep UK Retail’s account
Brand building is at the heart of what we do and with the right mix of people, experience, and expertise we look forward to driving breadth and depth of distribution for Zep’s product portfolio and achieving success in the months ahead.

Russ Barnard

GM Marketing Commercial Director

We’d like to congratulate GM Marketing for their appointment as our distribution partner, and we are eager to see how the Zep Retail brand continues to grow through this established relationship.

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Zep has two production plants and commercial branches in Europe (UK and Italy) with various distributors both in this continent and throughout the rest of the world.

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