UPVC Reviver

UPVC Reviver

Our UPVC Reviver is a tried and tested non-scratch formulation that can be used on all UPVC interior and exterior surfaces to restore their original colour, finish and shine.

  • It is the perfect solution against discolouration caused by pollution, weathering and ingrained soiling
  • To achieve best results always use in conjunction with Zep® UPVC Cleaner

For general application:

  1. Always test on an unobtrusive area before use.
  2. Do not use in direct sunlight.
  3. Remove loose soiling such as mud or bird droppings.
  4. Shake bottle thoroughly.
  5. Apply to surface with a soft damp cloth.
  6. Work on one section at a time and buff the surface promptly with a soft dry cloth in a circular motion.
  7. For particularly badly affected surfaces, it may be necessary to repeat the above steps.


Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.

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