Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover

Our Graffiti Remover is an advanced gel formulation that effectively removes vandalism from most defaced surfaces. The fast acting gel solution can be used on surfaces such as signs, shutters, walls and bus shelters.

  • Ideal solution for removing aerosol graffiti, crayon, felt tips, inks and paint
  • Polycarbonate safe

For general use:

  1. Using a stiff brush, coat the contaminated area with a generous amount of solution.
  2. Using the brush, work in the solution and leave for 15 minutes.
  3. Continue to work in the solution until the graffiti is loose.
  4. Test a small area to see if the contaminant has come away.
  5. Light deposits may be removed almost immediately but heavy deposits may require a few hours or overnight treatment.
  6. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water.
  7. A pressure washer will aid removal particularly on porous surfaces.
  8. Repeat if necessary once the surface has dried.


Always test on an inconspicuous area before using to test compatibility with the various substrates.

Extra caution should be taken with all plastics.

The product may affect UPVC frames and painted surfaces.

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