Driveway, Concrete & Masonry Cleaner

Driveway, Concrete & Masonry Cleaner

Our concentrated Driveway, Concrete and Masonry Cleaner is a solution that provides fast and powerful cleaning of driveways, patios, asphalt, slabs and concrete surfaces. Helps to clean hard to remove stains, oil & grease from driveways.

  • Not suitable for use on: Painted and stained surfaces, aluminium, brass, chrome, copper and other alkaline sensitive surfaces
  • Can be used with pressure washers
  • Concentrated formula makes up to 100 Litres
  • Covers up to 250m²

Dilution Ratios

Light soils: Mix 250ml cleaner per 5L of hot water.

Heavy soils: Mix 500ml cleaner per 5L of hot water.

Use neat for oil stains.

For general applications:

  1. Dilute the product as per above.
  2. Saturate plants, shrubs and grass around the cleaning area with water prior to and after pressure washing.
  3. Apply with a brush or pump sprayer. Scrub in with deck brush or floor scrubbing machine.
  4. Do not allow contact time of more than 10 minutes to prevent damage. Do not allow the solution to dry.
  5. Rinse thoroughly using a hose or pressure washer.
  6. For heavy rust stains or mineral deposits use Zep Commercial® Calcium, Lime & Rust Stain Remover.


Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Rinse and allow to dry before proceeding.

For stains on unsealed concrete, scrub vigorously to allow the solution to penetrate the pores.

The cleaner may dissolve protective coatings and sealers and may require refinishing.

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